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The term "safety" is defined as the guarantee that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared and/or consumed according to its intended use (Codex Alimentarius Rev.4, 2003), that is, a safe food is one that is free of physical hazards (bones, stones, metal fragments or any foreign matter), chemical hazards (veterinary drugs, pesticides, microorganism toxins, cleaning agents and disinfection) and biological hazards (pathogenic microorganisms), so it will not have an adverse effect on health.

Food safety is an essential public health issue and is a priority aspect for all those who consume food or work handling it. Food may be safe to the extent that controls are established throughout the food chain, that is, from the field to the table of consumers. 

This is why RyR Gastronomía sin Límites, as a company dedicated to food service at the level of corporate and social events, has been concerned with creating operational processes and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of its products, from the purchase, reception, storage, production and transformation of food, to the packaging, transport and service of these in the place of the event.

As part of this work, we have carried out microbiological laboratory analyzes on foods prepared on the cold table, hot table and bakery, to guarantee that our products are of quality, not only in sensory characteristics, but also in terms of hygiene and safety. In thislinkYou can view the certified results of that analysis.


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